About Mobhira HR Service Pvt. Ltd.

Mobhira HR Services Pvt. Ltd is an authorized government License Agency of Nepal which provides staffing and employment solutions to overseas employers against identified vacancies and prospective employees in Nepal. Our mission is to provide competitive services to our clients and establish Mobhira HR as a valued agency because of our unique ability to connect the right dots and give the best of available opportunities and human resources.

Mobhira HR caters to a host of clients from different industries and provides varied potential recruitment options. Currently we provide our professional HR services for clients Malaysia and Gulf. In order to provide fitting opportunities to may qualified Nepalese job seekers, we are also planning to extend our work to more countries.

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Dear All,
Mobhira HR Services Pvt. Ltd policy to provide the #Right job to the right people.” Has helped us to amass success over a decade in the Human Resources. Our professionalism, coupled with a strong personal touch with employers and the employee enhances the probability of success at every step. Our goal is to create a long lasting, client-candidate relationship, which will surely transform into a long term winning strategies for both parties. To ensure success, we believe in hiring people with the right skills and to the right place. If you wish to find out about more or engage in our manpower agency solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.
With best regard
Anil Kumar Rai

Code Of Ethic

MOBHIRA HR is an organization committed to providing recruitment service of the highest quality. To do this we recognize the need to operate in a highly ethical framework with a commitment to both corporate and individual responsibility and accountability. The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to instill confidence in the recruitment profession and to help an organization become a better recruiter. We truly believe that we can advance our profession by embracing this Code of Ethics.

1. No Conflict of Interest
2. Confidentiality and Privacy
3. Non-Discrimination
4. Protection of Intellectual Property
5. Anti – Bribery and Corruption
6. Fair Business and Promotion Practices
7. Freely Chosen Employment
8. Anti-human Trafficking and Slavery
9. No Child Labor
10. Accuracy, Retention of Business Records and Documents
11. Compliance with Laws and Regulations


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In Case of Grievance

Dear all,
If you have any grievance or feedback from the recruitment process to the employment period, please contact us through the phone number or email mentioned below. You can also send us a message.
Contact Number: +977-9851088097
E-mail: grievance@mobhirahr.com
appropriate decision will be taken as per the standard
procedures referred.

Social Responsibility