Code Of Ethics

Our Ethics

Mobhira HR is an organization committed to providing recruitment service of the highest quality. To do this we recognize the need to operate in a highly ethical framework with a commitment to both corporate and individual responsibility and accountability. The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to instill confidence in the recruitment profession and to help an organization become a better recruiter. We truly believe that we can advance our profession by embracing this Code of  Ethics.

  1. No Conflict of Interest
  2. Confidentiality and Privacy
  3. Non-Discrimination
  4. Protection of Intellectual Property
  5. Anti – Bribery and Corruption
  6. Fair Business and Promotion Practices
  7. Freely Chosen Employment
  8. Anti-human Trafficking and Slavery
  9. No Child Labor
  10. Accuracy, Retention of Business Records and Documents
  11. Compliance with Laws and Regulation